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Laura is a CPA that did contract work for my company and me in a number of capacities over a 3 or 4 year span. She was fantastic at analyzing processes, developing recommendations and implementing solutions. For several years, she was instrumental in helping me dramatically improve the process in one department and create another department from scratch. The department we created, at the time, was the highest risk area in the company. Together, we created the department, processes, staffing and strategy to mitigate the critical risk. I highly recommend Laura.

K.C., VP & Controller - Large Educational Institution

Recently Laura Wallace was hired by my large not-for-profit religious organization audit client to lead them in restructuring their chart-of-accounts, design and implement internal controls and prepare supporting documentation for a year end audit. Any one of these tasks was a huge undertaking, not to mention attempting them all at once at year end. Laura was very dedicated, efficient and professional and completed all three tasks on time as we met our deadlines for the audit reporting. Laura did a fantastic job and we could not have completed the engagement without her.

G.R., Partner - Regional CPA Firm

I worked with Laura on the resolution to a high-risk problem that threatened the existence of 3 revenue centers and several million dollars in annual revenues. She was methodical and thorough in her approach to identifying the causes. Her ultimate solution was comprehensive and included organizational changes, new procedures, staffing changes, training, a 3rd party service provider solution, and an automated tool that she conceived herself. She provided strong leadership during implementation, wearing multiple hats and switching hats as needed during the various phases. During the really tough times, she remained focused and committed to completing the tasks that would bring the needed results. Ultimately, a comprehensive solution was put into place and the risk went from high to low - "no longer a threat". I know this result is directly related to the expertise Laura brought to the table.

T.S., Executive Director - Default Management Service Provider

Laura came in as an outsider to a department with unique and difficult accounting and compliance challenges. She was able to communicate with the business and understand their requirements as well as develop her own. She was also able to effectively communicate technically to me , the senior developer. Jointly we were able to come up with a single clever application to solve the department's needs. The formerly disheveled department became the authoritative and most accurate source of student financial data. And the department became more streamlined and transparent, allowing significant personnel reductions.

R.M., Senior Financial Systems Analyst, Large Educational Institution

We have had the pleasure of working with Laura for the past year and can honestly say we were in awe. She is not only the consummate professional, she is extremely knowledgeable but even more important, she is a person of impeccable character. She helped us to turn our client around from the verge of bankruptcy and onto a path of financial solvency. She handles clients with poise and strength. You could not hire a better CPA.

Karen H. & Linda V., Managing Partners - PCx Consulting Group

I consider Laura to be a visionary, with the ability to perceive better ways to achieve organizational goals and to develop the processes needed in order to make them happen. She has repeatedly proven her problem-solving abilities in various projects resulting in great success. Her leadership inspires others, like me, to think outside the box and become more effective towards the goals of the organization. Laura Wallace has a true passion for efficiency, recommending strategies and actions to minimize company cost and liability. I highly recommend her.

A.B., Accounting Manager - Secondary Educational Institution