Specialized Services

At times, a specialized tool is needed to get some things moving. We provide two areas of specialty.

Churches have some unique tax and religious aspects that affect how their operations are perceived and run. Often, church leaders look within their congregations for the business expertise they need to help them in handling these conditions. Sometimes those resources are present and available to assist them. But often, they are not. As a result, church and religious leaders who are equipped both spiritually and vocationally to minister to people are trying also to lead and function in a business capacity. Even if they possess the knowledge and skills to do so, they rarely have the time. This can lead to much frustration and weariness with the ministry. Mistakes can become costly, criticism can increase when matters are found to be mishandled; guilt and shame become debilitating emotions.

Why Choose Us

Having worked with and volunteered in churches for over 4 decades, we understand this painful dynamic. We are well-versed in spiritual, Bible-based principles; and we apply practical answers to practical problems. Convinced that “faith without works is dead”, we understand the value of taking wise action at the right time and applying the right resources to achieve the best results.

Our Church Check-up tool is the starting point of our services to faith-based organizations. Using it, we work with the church leader(s) to identify issues and suggest fundamental resolutions. Beyond that, the leader(s) may meet their business needs by selecting any of our other services and be assured they will be tailored to meet their needs and performed on the basis of Biblical principles.

Whether your organization is faith-based or not, our partners provide business services with similar values as our own. They understand the importance of a good reputation in the service industry. As a starting point to many business needs, you can connect to them through your connection with us for these services:

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