Problem Analysis & Cure

These indicate a gap between what was expected and what actually occurred and could be a symptom(s) of a new or growing problem. It could be small or large in terms of company impact. It could be in synch with your gut-feeling or not.

The bottom line is this: attention needs to be given and something needs to be done. Failure to recognize and remedy a gap or problem will only allow it to become a bigger gap or problem. This “failure to recognize and remedy” is a major reason given by companies for firing a leader or corporate executive.

Why Choose Us

We take a four-step approach to helping you to remedy gaps and problems. Because they vary in complexity, we find that this stream-lined approach helps us to communicate where we are in the process and helps you to understand our progress and track where we are in the process.

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Problem Analysis Arrow
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WE LISTEN carefully as you describe what is happening or not, what is being seen or not, what is causing concern or not.
WE GATHER FACTS, figures and information to determine what the problem really is, how and when it occurs; its causes and symptoms.
WE PROPOSE the best remedies to the causes and problem(s) we discovered through the analysis step – a combination of options.
WE IMPLEMENT the solution, working with you and your staff to maximize commitment to it and its continued use.


While others conclude their services with a report telling you what needs to be done, we help you through implementation. Whether it is by assuming project leadership, by coaching your project team through the process, or by performing certain key tasks, you and your staff will see results through the implemented cure.

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