About Us

Four Streams is a Business Coaching and Consulting firm focused on helping business owners and leaders to solve the practical problems they encounter on a routine basis, just because they are in business. These involve how decisions are being made and by whom, how funds are being spent, how risks are being controlled, and how change is implemented. The structure of the organization, the competency of its leaders, the flow of information to and from accounting, and the soundness of processes contribute significantly to these activities. Lingering problems in any of these areas could and often do have significant negative impact on the company's financial performance.

We connect with you and provide practical solutions. And, because we all invest so much of our lives either running a business or working for a business, having these solutions will help you to live smarter and enjoy the most precious gift you have - your life.


Laura Wallace, CPA is President of Four Streams with over 20 years experience in accounting, planning and analysis, auditing, project management, and consulting, both as a business owner and as an industry employee. She has lead departments and projects for small, mid-sized, and large corporations, exceeding expectations through her consistency in delivering accurate work, meeting deadlines, and adding value through continuous process improvement.

Having led Four Streams for the past 5 years, Laura has first-hand understanding of the challenges faced by private business owners and by those trying to start a business. Also during this time, she has provided services to large corporations once “rolling in the dough” that have had to make some critical, gut-wrenching decisions in order to stay afloat in turbulent markets. These experiences have served to season her judgement for the solutions she presents to her clients. Laura has also authored several articles that provide practical solutions to day-to-day business challenges.ARTICLES

Laura Wallace gives each client her personal attention and heads a team of professionals that assist her in providing them with quality services. Their knowledge is current and their skills have been proven through experience. They also operate based upon the values of Four Streams.

Representative Industries include:

Secondary Education, Distribution (Light Manufacturing), Media/Cable, Hospitality, Internet, Banking, Professional Services, Oil and Gas, Churches and Non-Profits.


Our customers are companies in almost any industry seeking a professional resource to:

Our customers see the value in utilizing a qualified professional to help them grow and improve their business.

We pride ourselves in solving practical problems. Feel free to let us know how we may assist you. CONTACT